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Arms Reach Bedside Biometric Safe (Open Item)

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The ArmsReach Responsible Handgun Storage Product securely and conveniently stores your loaded handgun. The unique product is designed to fit discretely, yet accessibly, along the side of your bed. A biometric fingerprint sensor allows you, and the authorized users you choose, to gain immediate access to a means of protection. The unit is made of durable polycarbonate material. 


Convenient Quick Access: With the unit securely against the side of your mattress, you'll have quick access to your handgun when you need it.
Biometric Access: User data is retained even through power loss for ultimate reliability when you need it. Fingerprint scanner allows quick access for up to 10 users. Each user can enroll 2 finger-prints and one 4 to 8 digit key code.
Tattle Tale: Setup and usage is a breeze with the graphic LCD screen. It also is capable of reporting history of recent de-vice usage, including denied users and unknown fingerprints.
Discreet & Secure: Case opens quietly for discreet, stealthy access. No loud beeps or sounds when opening or closing. Included is a 7 ft. security cable that tethers the product to deter theft.
Continuous Power: Rock solid uptime and performance by having an included AC power cord that plugs into your wall outlet and has 4 AA battery.
Unique Storage Mechanism: A multi-sized barrel pin keeps your handgun in a ready to use position without scratching or interfering with barrel mounted accessories.
Backup Override Access: To ensure your safety when disaster strikes there is a 4 to 8 digit key code as a second means of entry. Key access through the back of the product is a non-powered option for gaining entry.
US Patent Number: 8074477 B1

Arms Reach Bedside Polycarbonate Biometric Gun Safe

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